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Pray App

Taking care of the Mind, Body, and Soul is a top priority. That is why we love using Pray every day for Bible Stories, Prayers, and other Spirit-Filled content. Get stunning daily devotionals. Listen to wisdom from the Bible. Pray with others. Connect with your church community and more. This app has got it all and worth trying it out for yourself.

Praying The Rosary Is Healing And Peaceful

Desert Camo Paracord Rosary

Desert Camo Paracord Rosary

Paracord is a threaded rope of slim nylon, originally used for suspension lines on parachutes. The natural wood beads and corded knotting makes this a substantial rosary, faithfully serving its user wherever they may be. This dependable rosary makes a perfect gift for first responders, or men and women serving in the military.

Special Edition Saint Mother Teresa Rosary

Special Edition Saint Mother Teresa Rosary

One-of-a-kind Mother Teresa rosary was designed and handmade exclusively HERE. Chosen for their simplicity and subtle detailing, and capturing the colors of Mother Teresa's sari, these azure jasper beads are complemented by creamy riverstone Our Father beads to make an exquisite rosary.

Miraculous Medal Amazonite Rosary

Miraculous Medal Amazonite Rosary

Captivating shades of earthy greens, blues, and golden browns unite in this stunning amazonite and bronze Immaculate Mary rosary. Smooth to the touch, the round beads have a soft feel and the colors provide a sense of calm while meditating on the Holy Mysteries of the rosary.

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