Life By Teresa

My name is Teresa, this is my personal website and blog dedicated to life, my home business, and inspiring you to create good family memory-making moments.  I’m a homeschooling mama and a webpreneur mom who has been having fun online since 2002.  Life is worth a celebration, make it a great day every day of your life.  Make time to enjoy every moment of your life with family and friends.

Family time is super important as well as taking advantage of creating quality teachable moments with our kids with a focus on love and respect for one another as a family and for who each of us is as a person, the person that our wonderful God has created us to be.  Enjoying time together making good memories will be treasured for a lifetime and passed down through the generations, that is something good to leave behind. We are all unique and wonderfully made.  We enjoy spreading love each and every day of our life.  Life is so precious, a gift that should be treasured just like our family is precious, and a gift that should be treasured.

Life is an adventure, we enjoy going on new adventures whenever possible. We believe that travel is a gift, family time is a gift, traveling the world to see the different ways people live life is a great teachable moment for you and your kids. What is just as important is to be sure to take a lot of pictures of all those wonderful adventures and vacations so you can make photo albums or photo books to remember those great days, and to pass down to your children. Traveling the world is fun, you can learn so much from travel adventures and it also brings much peace and joy to one’s life. If you are a homeschool family like we are, traveling is a healthy way to live.

Take trips to historic places and teach you kids about the world around them, that it is much bigger than the little world in walls of our homes, get out and show your kids life, plant vision into your children, and inspire them to dream and take action to make those dreams come true. Parents make the best teachers. Get in your car, or a plane, explore and go on an adventure with your family today.

We try our best to choose gratitude daily and celebrate all of life’s special moments, holidays, special days, and events. As a metastatic breast cancer thriver and adoptee, I always try my best to choose to celebrate life every day and thank God for my blessings. Thank you for visiting my website LifeByTeresa.com. Enjoy your visit, and I look forward to seeing you again soon, be sure to subscribe to my website so you don’t miss a single thing here on our website Life By Teresa.  Follow along with us on our social media hangouts. Look around the website and explore. Together we can help make a positive difference in life, and light the way for others.

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Have fun living your best life.

August 2020