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Welcome to shop and community, a website dedicated to life, family, parenting, homeschooling, and celebrating life moments. There's much to see here so, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our website.  Join us on our social media hangouts, together we can make a positive difference as we share, celebrate, inspire, and give back.

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Welcome to the Life By Teresa shop and community created by a preschool teacher turned online entrepreneur.  Living life making good memories with those we care about.

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A few of our life loves listed here on the shop and community. We hope you join us on our social media hangouts as we share, celebrate, and inspire.

Whatever reason for being here at Life By Teresa we hope that you find something you like while you are exploring around.

Life short, enjoy the moment and make it great day.

A Moms Life Rocks

A Moms Life Rocks

Moms Exercise For Energy

A moms life is tiring. It's so important to get our exercise in during our busy days as that helps with the tiredness.  If you are a tired mama try making time out of your day to get some much needed exercise.  Take your child with you as this teaches them healthy habits early on that will last a lifetime.

Not only can you go out for a simple walk, but you can purchase a jogging stroller if you prefer to run, this makes it fun for not only you but for your child as well. Your child will enjoy the run, moving and feeling the wind in their hair as you get your run in.

Important mother and child moments like a run with your child, walking in the park with your child, or putting in an exercise DVD and working out in your home with your child. These are all excellent ways to get in your exercise for they day and include your child in the fun, teaching them how it's done.

Your child is watching you and taking mental notes of everything.  So, make sure you make it a positive difference in your child's life by showing them how exercise can be fun.  It is so important to start healthy habits when they are young. Making time with your child to make exercise fun for mom and child is a great bonding experience. your relationship as mother and child will blossom and expand.

Moms play an important roll in our families lives.  The heart of a family is the mom.   A moms life rocks.

Shop For Mom

Find exercise strollers, workout DVD's, and home exercise equipment right online from our website.  Shop for cooking, or baking. Shop for your mom, or if you are a mom shop for yourself mom, treat yourself to something amazing. Sometimes it's best to just stay home and enjoy our families on the couch with popcorn and a movie in our favorite PJ's after a wonderful bubble bath.

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Moms Healthy Cooking


Moms Smoothies

It's so much fun when moms make health smoothies at home with our kids.  Include them in preparing the smoothie.  Let them clean the veggies, cut the fruit and participate in the smoothie making and they just might be more willing to drink.

Moms Healthy Recipes

Having a space on our counter top for your child to sit is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen. It's so important to teach our children the proper cooking and healthy eating habits they need for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Moms Mixers

We love using mixers to prepare or recipes.  We enjoy mixing up cookie dough and mixing up bread dough. Fresh homemade cookies and breads are good.  Mom, you are in control of what your child eats. Make it healthy.

Moms Fine China

Moms china is something we never forget.  As a child for holidays and special days we get out our fine china and set up a beautiful table for our family to sit down for a good family meal that mom spent all day preparing. We eat with love.

Moms Cooking Utensils

Mom, let your child help with the cooking. You will be encouraging healthy eating habits when they can cook at home, healthier meals at home, instead of driving through the fast food joint down the street. Make it a point to cook healthy.

They Will Eat Healthy MOm

When your child cooks at home with you they are more likely to eat what they are cooking.

Moms Baking

Bake With your Kids

Moms cookies are always the best.  Moms cookies are even better when we cook them together as a family.

Get out the flour, get out the eggs, get out the oil, baking pans and step stool to bake some sweets with your child.  Have your child stand on a stool, let them crack the egg into the bowl and let them stir it up.  Baking is so much fun with family.

You can bake up some wonderful treats like brownies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and decorate them to look super cute.  If you are having a birthday make the cake at home.  You will find many wonderful themed cake pans and decorations.

Baking cook books can help you find the right recipe for whatever occasion you have coming up.  We hope that you enjoy this special time as a mom with your kids. They are only little for a short while, they are only with you for a short time.

Make all of your mom moments with your family extremely happy and memorable. You can choose to make all of life's special moments, holidays, birthdays and events a happy memorable moment.  Your goal is to make good memories that they can remember for a lifetime and pass down to their kids someday. Carry on the family traditions. 

A Moms Life Rocks
A Moms Life Rocks


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