Healthy Choice


Making Smoothies

It's so much fun when moms make healthy smoothies at home with our kids.  Include them in preparing the smoothie.  Let them clean the veggies, cut the fruit and veggies, and participate in the smoothie making experience. When you let kids help they will be more willing to try it. 

Cooking Space For Kids

Having a space on our countertop for your child to sit down to help with the cooking is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen. We enjoy using this Kids Kitchen Utensils set HERE. It's so important to teach children how to cook and eat a healthy well-rounded meal at home. 

Using Kitchen Mixers

We love using these kitchen mixers to bake, prepare food, and recipes.  We enjoy mixing up cookie dough and mixing up bread dough using this mixer. Fresh homemade cookies and bread are good.  As a mom, we try our best to choose healthy options for our family meals. 

Using The Fine China

Moms fine china is something we never forget using.  We don't forget the fine china being brought out to use during special holidays, along with setting the perfect table with all the details in place just right to make a special meal memorable. Find some fine chine HERE

Kids Cooking Utensils

You can your child help with the cooking using these Kids Cooking Utensils. You will be encouraging healthy eating habits when they can cook at home, healthier meals at home, instead of driving through the fast-food joint down the street. Make it a point to cook healthy. 

Kids Home Cooked Meals

When your child cooks at home with you they are more likely to eat what they are cooking


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