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Life Is Meant To Be Celebrated!

Life By Teresa

Life Is Colorful

See all the wonderful color of the rainbow. Life is beautiful. Create colorful memories. A colorful person is beautiful.

Life Is A Journey

Traveling the road of life we encounter many ups and downs on our journey. Don't give up and keep walking the road to your dreams.

Fun In The Sun

Summer time means more outside time with family. Walks in the park, a visit to the beach, or a pool party with friends. Enjoy.

Enjoy The Little Things

Enjoy all those precious moments alone, with nature. One day you will see just how important those little things in life really are.

Jump In

Go ahead and jump on in. Life is not waiting so you got to just do it already. Have fun creating good memories with family.

Move Forward

Keep moving forward, don't stay stuck for long in one place. Life is change, life is not waiting for you. Make it a great day peeps.

Celebrate Life Moments

Happy Birthday

Every birthday needs to be celebrated.  Life is worth a celebration. Make it great.

Happy Celebrating

It's so exciting when Life's Special Moments are celebrate with love and gratitude.

Celebrate Life Moments, Plan To Celebrate. Celebrate Because You Can.

Plan To Celebrate

Celebrate because you can. Plan to celebrate all of life's special moments.

Life By Teresa

Hello I'm Teresa

Welcome to LifeByTeresa.com. You have reached the website of Teresa, a preschool teacher turned webpreneur mom back in 2002, having fun living a mompreneur life ever since. 

This happily married mom of a toddler, adoptee, and metastatic breast cancer survivor is on a mission to give back, share, celebrate and inspire others to live your best life. Join me and together we can make a positive difference and hopefully brighten someone's day.

Life is moving fast. Make it a priority to enjoy the little things, because when it comes down to it, that is all that matters. Enjoy your life and family. Good memory making moments with a happy heart makes all the difference.  LifeByTeresa.com shares foodie moments, restaurant adventures, traveling adventures, mixed with some celebration and inspiration.

When you visit one of the websites created, owned and operated by LifeByTeresa.com you will be able to find ideas and shop for celebrations, birthdays, holidays, events and all of life's special moments. Have fun.  Subscribe to LifeByTeresa.com so you don't miss a single thing. Follow us on our social hangouts as well before you go, that way we can make a positive difference together.

Create Good Memories With Balloons

Create Good Memories With Balloons

Life Is Worth A Celebration


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